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The radioactive source in the center of a Mössbauer spectrometer has normally a high  activity which can cause essential damage to the health of the users or other persons sojourning in its near. This can happen even if these persons stay outside the Mössbauer laboratory. Due to this reason the Mössbauers source has to be shielded with a great care Attention has to be paid also to the fact, that sources may emit besides the radiation of the Mössbauer transition also further γ-lines of higher energies, which may be essentially less shielded than the Mössbauer line.

The mechanical set-up of a WissEl Mössbauer spectrometer, the Mössbauer Bench, has a basic source shield that protects the user when he or she is just working for a short while at the Mössbauer Bench, but it should be completed by an overall shielding round the  bench as shown under the menu point 'Overall Shielding'. An efficient overall shielding is necessary particularly in those cases where persons work permanently in the near of the Mössbauer spectrometer. In addition to the mentioned basic source shielding, delivered with the Mössbauer Bench, further optional shielding elements can be mounted, closing nearly all gaps, through which the radiation of the Mössbauer source could escape and hit persons. Special shieldings, designed for the individual requirements of a Mössbauer laboratory, can be delivered on request.