Mechanical Setup
 Optional Components and Accessories to MB-500




Absorber holderfor a quick sample exchange 

This absorber holder allows a sample exchange in a few seconds. By shifting its slider, the lead shutter or the absorber are alternatively located in the γ-beam. When the slider has the position for removing the absorber capsule, the readiation is shielded by a lead shutter. This figure shows the absorber capsule in the radition beam and the lead shutter outside. Optionally the unit can be furnished without shutter, but with two absorber capsules.

  Image MB-PAH-1

Acryl capsule for taking the Mössbauer absorber inside the absorber holder of the Mössbauer bench.
  • Height (without absorber): 12mm
  • Outer diameter: 28mm
  • Inner diameter: 13mm
  • Wall thickness: 0.1mm



Source adapter for attaching the Mössbauer source to a velocity transducer. Suitable for all WissEl transducer models.


Shielding disks (sandwich structure) for front/backside of the velocity transducer.

  Image MB-H-RIKON

If the RiKon-5 CEMS Detector is used at room temperature, this holder attaches it to the Mössbauer bench. The γ-beam has horizontal direction, whereas a low temperature CEMS system has a vertical geometry.
Adjoining fugure: Holder for CEMS detector mounted on Mössbauer Bench. 


Slider for attaching the MBF-1100 Mössbauer Furnace to MBF-500.


  Image ADAPT-1

Adapter between velocity transducer and interferometer
  Image DISK-1

Sealing disk between velocity transducer and interferometer
  Image PCD-1  
Perspex cover disk with closable opening. When closed, the disk ist sealed with O-ring
Image Image


NW 10 adapter

Adjoining figure: NW 10 adapter mounted on velocity transducer