High-Voltage Power Supply

The High-Voltage Supply Model HVS-2 is a compact single-width NIM module, designed for radiation detectors with a highly regulated and low-noise high-voltage. It is available in two versions for a maximum voltage of 3 kV or 6 kV, resp.. The maximum output current of the 3 kV unit is 2 mA, that of the 6 kV unit is 1 mA. The HVS-2 is short circuit and overload protected. An internal board switch allows to limit the rising and the decreasing rate to approx. 100V/s in order to protect the input FETs of the connected amplifiers.The HVS-2 produces no voltage exceeding the maximum voltage, whatever disturbance of supply voltage may appear. In case of a failure, the HV is confined to the set voltage value. This is indicated by flashing of the yellow front panel LED and by a tone. Both warning signals are also given in case of a failure of the supply voltages from the NIM bin. The HV output can be continuously varied in its full range using the front panel ten turn potentiometer. A rear panel trim potentiometer, however, allows to decrease the maximally adjustable voltage from 3 kV or 6 kV to arbitrary lower values. Optionally, the HV can be set by a control voltage via a rear panel BNC connector. The polarity is selected using an internal switch. It is indicated by two LEDs on the front panel. Optionally the device can also be equipped with a rear panel BNC input for external HV shutdown.

Front panel SHV connector
Regulated HV from 0 to 3 kV (6 kV) 2 mA ( 6 kV version: 1 mA) output current at max. voltage
Ripple and noise
< 2mV at 1 mA
Temperature drift
<10-4 per °C
Regulation: Voltage drift
< 5 • 10 -5 at ± 10 % variation of supply voltage
Accuracy of the voltmeter
1.5 % of full scale
Rise and fall slope
linear ramp of approx. 50 ...100 V/s or 1.0 ... 1.5 kV/s, switchable
Overload and short circuit protection
No overvoltage on HV output due to overload or other disturbance
of supply voltage. HV will return to the adjusted value. No time restriction for shirt circuit and overload.
Output impedance
50 Ω.
0 ... 3 kV (0 ... 6 kV)
Yellow LED indicator for ON.
In case that the overvoltage protection has been activated by an high voltage exceeding the maximum value or a failure of the
supply voltages from the NIM bin has occurred, the yellow LED flashes.
Warning buzzer indicating that the overvoltage limitation is
activated or that the supply voltages from the NIM bin do not have correct values.
Red LED indicators for polarity.
Voltage control
Ten turn front panel potentiometer for HV setting
Toggle switch for setting HV to zero
Toggle switch for switching the HV generation on or off
Internal switch for setting polarity
HV Limiting
One turn rear panel trim potentiometerfor confining the maximum voltage
Standard single-width NIM module
Power Requirements
+ 12 V 100 mA
- 12 V 70 mA
- 6 V 100 mA