The Bath Cryostat MBBC-HE0106 is designed for low-temperature Mössbauer spectroscopy with the Mössbauer source at ambient temperature. The cryostat is entirely made of stainless steel.
A silicon diode DT-670 inside the cryostat is used as temperature sensor for the temperature controller TR-50.

  • Liquid helium and liquid nitrogen operation
  • Temperature range from 2.2 K (He) or 56 K (N2) by pumping down up to 330 K
  • Temperature gradients less than 0.3 K (sample in He or N2 atmosphere)
  • Long stand times due to low cooling liquid consumption (e.g. He ~ 0.164 l/h)
  • Top-loading Mössbauer cryostat
  • Easy sample change in cold condition
  • Sample holder with a cylindrical hole of Ø = 20 mm for sample insert

In addition to the standard cryostat MBBC-HE0106 further cryostats with stand times for helium operation up to approx. 39 hours are available (see section special versions further below).

Technical Characteristics (standard version)
Temperature range
He: 2.2 K (by pumping off He gas) - 330 K
N2: 56 K  (by pumping off N2 gas) - 330 K
Temperature stability
equal or better than 0.3 K
Temperature gradient
equal or smaller than 0.3 K
LN2 Volume
8.4 l
LHe Volume
5.1 l
LN2 stand time
7 days when filling helium bath and nitrogen bath with nitrogen
LHe stand time
24 h (in unheated condition at LHe temperature) – see special versions further below)
Absorption of γ-radiation by Windows
< 1 %
Cryostat body
Stainless steel
Sample holder
Diameter of Mössbauer absorber
20 mm
Distance between outer windows
40 mm
Length of cryostat
900 mm
Diameter of cryostat
255 mm
30 kg
Special Versions
LHe stand time (approx.)
Length of cryostat (about)
LHe volume

31 h
 950 mm
6.5 l  
38 h
1000 mm
8.0 l  
45 h
1050 mm
9.5 l