Mössbauer Bench

MB-500 with Mössbauer Velocity Transducer MVT-1000 and Mössbauer Velocity Calibrator MVC-450

MB-500 with Mössbauer Velocity Transducer MVT-1000

Absorber holder with sandwich screening of the source

The basic Mössbauer bench - Model MB-500 - consists of an optical track and several sliders with clamps or other mounting elements for fixing the components of a Mössbauer system like the velocity transducer, the absorber and the detector. The sturdy design of MB-500 largely suppresses disturbing vibrations, which could cause a broadening of the Mössbauer lines. The standard arrangement is horizontal, but also a vertical arrangement is possible. In this case a second, vertical track is mounted on the horizontal base track, on which the velocity transducer is mounted in an upright position by means of a special holder. Adding a cryostat stand to the bench MB-500, you get the bench MB-600.