Mössbauer Drive Units

Mössbauer Drive Units are used to control the source motion of Mössbauer velocity transducers.

WissEl offers five different drive unit models with different features (see the following table).
For detailed information about the individual drive units click on the respective figure or name in the table.

Drive unit MR-260 MRG-500 MR-260A MR-360 MDU-1200
MR-260 MRG-500 MR-260 A MR-360 MDU-1200
Special features Mössbauer drive unit with digital function generator

Laser calibration

Error minimisation
Velocity display Display of maximum velocity Velocity display for all channels
Calibration procedure Manual calibration with adjustment screw Automatic calibration
Data source for calibration Mössbauer calibration measurement MVC-450 Mössbauer Velocity Calibrator
Logarithmic error indication
Integrated digital function generator