Shielding Elements to MB-500


Radiation Protection Devices
 Shielding Elements to MB-500 Mössbauer Bench


The MB-500 Mössbauer Bench has a basic shielding even if it is ordered without any shieding options. The parts with shielding are blue in this figure.

The Mössbauer source is located inside a cylinder consisting of layers of the metals aluminium, brass and lead. This sandwich design reduces the scattered radiation compared with a shielding by lead only. The thickness of the lead layer is 8 mm. The source shielding is available in two versions, the standard version and a version for quick sample exchange (Option MB-AH-02 see menu point 'Mechanical Setup').

Besides the shield around the source there is an additional shield round the proportional counter.
The lead has a thickness of 2,5 mm. A versions with enhanced shielding having an 8 mm lead layer is available: MB - DS - AP option

Image Image SLD-500
Shielding Disk for the backside
of the velocity transducer.
The disk has a sandwich
shielding with an 8 mm thick
lead layer.

Enhanced shielding disk with up to 32 mm lead layer

Image Image SLD-501
Shielding Disk for the frontside of the velocity transducer. The disk shields the backwards directed radiation. It has a hole for the source adapter withthe source. The lead layer of the sandwich shielding has a thickness of 8 mm.
. Image

MB-EXT-01 (length 50mm)
MB-EXT-02 (length 80mm)
Extension tube

This tube is used if the distance between absorberand detector has to be increased. Its has a sandwich shielding with an 8 mm lead layer.

 Image Image MB-PCFBS-01
Set of  the shielding elements MB-ADPC-01 and MB-PCBS-01
The  shielding elements MB-ADPC-01 and MB-PCBS-01 can be used separately, each mounted on a slider, or as one unit consisting of both shielding elements, connected with a spring and without sliders. The right figure shows this unit, mounted on the detector holder.
. Image


Shielding adapter for proportional counter. Sandwich construction, mounted on a slider or attached to the detector holder together with the backside shielding may means of a clamp.

  Image MB-PCBS-01
Backside shielding for the holder of the proportional counter.
This shielding element  provides 24 mm more lead shielding in axial direction in addition to the integral shielding of the holder.